About Us

We are a part of School of Biology at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. While the permanent campus for the institute is coming up at Vithura, 40 kms from the city, we are currently functional at the transient campus located in the College of Engineering campus in Thiruvananthapuram. PI of the lab, Satish Khurana, joined IISER TVM in July 2015 and the first students joined in Dec. 2015, marking a very humble beginning of the group. The interest of the lab lies in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine with major focus on hematopoietic system. We intend to take lessons from developmental system to better understand the mechanisms that regulate symmetrical proliferation responsible for generation of stem cell pool, to eventually design methods to expand HSCs efficiently. Age and metabolic activity present additional factors that affect the function of stem cells. While the differences between the young and old HSCs become more clear we still don’t understand the underlying reasons behind the loss of stemness with ageing. We explore the effect of proliferation on the function of HSCs.