Lab Members

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. Srinu Reddi (March 2018 onwards):

PhD scholars

Irene Mariam Roy (Jan 2016 onwards): Irene is a first year PhD student in the lab. She graduated with a Masters’ degree in Biotechnology from Avinashilingam University in June, 2014. Cell and molecular biology fascinated Irene and for her PhD, she decided to work on the bioenergetics of hematopoietic stem cells and its control on fate switches, mainly focusing on proliferate cues. Irene is supported by junior research fellowship from CSIR-University Grants Commission for her research work. Outside the lab, she loves reading adventure and science fiction novels and enjoys the world of singing and playing keyboard. She is fond of trekking and travelling to new places. She believes that gaining inspiration from different people and cultures is the key to finding your right path.
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Anu PV (Aug. 2018 onwards)


Shubham Mehatre (Aug. 2018 onwards)

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Integrated PhD Scholars

Atreyi Biswas : Atreyi is a second year Integrated-PhD student at the School of Biology of IISER Thiruvananthapuram. She completed her bachelors’ studies from Presidency College Kolkata in 2014, with honors in Human Physiology. She minored in Chemistry and Physics. Currently, she is pursuing her Pre-Phd project in the lab. She is interested in understanding the architecture of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) niche in murine fetal liver. Her work involves studies on the extrinsic regulation of fetal HSCs and a variety of components of their niche. Her work will also focus on the signaling pathways involved in the maintenance and regulation HSC function.
Atreyi is a strong believer of Karma and big fan of David Attenborough documentaries. An avid writer herself, when not in the lab, likes to read storybooks, watches animation movies, enjoys music. She also likes to travel and trying out new cuisine.

Project staff

Shailendra Kumar Singh : Shailendra graduated from VIT University, Vellore with Integrated MSc degree in Biotechnology. Opportunity to attend Winter Symposium organized by Department of Hematology-CMC Vellore led to his interest in Stem Cell Biology. He is interested to learn how microenvironment controls and decides the fate of Hematopoietic Stem Cells. To pursue his research interests, he went for a summer research internship in the lab of Dr. Francoise PFLUMIO at CEA/IRCM-University of Paris, which focuses the mechanisms of differentiation of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells into lymphoid lineage. Shailendra joined the lab in June 2017, and is working on integrin and hypoxia signaling in adult stem cell sytems. Apart from stem cell biology his broad research interests are in cancer and molecular biology. When is not on the bench, he likes to work out in the gym. He likes cycling, playing badminton and gardening.

BS-MS Major project students

1. Athira S:

2. Rashmiparvathy:

3. Meera CS:

External students

Saravana Perumal

Past lab-members

Revati Gireesh

BS-MS project students (2017-18)

Major project students
1. Rahul AB: Rahul is a final year BS-MS student in the School of Biology at IISER TVM. He completed his higher secondary education from RGMHSS, Kannur in 2013, where he also served as the Chairman of Junior Red Cross Society. He received INSPIRE fellowship and joined IISER TVM and chose Biology and Chemistry as major and minor subjects, respectively. He interned under Dr. Priya Srinivas at RGCB Thiruvananthapuram and worked on “the expression of cytosolic proteins in triple negative breast cancer cell lines”. Rahul did his minor project work in the lab of Dr. Gokulnath at IISER TVM and worked on porphyrin chemistry. Presently, Rahul is a major project student in the lab and is interested in understanding how hypoxia pathways affect adult stem cell function with focus on neural system. Apart from academics, he likes to read novels, M T Vasudevan Nair being his favorite author, swimming and playing PC games.

2. Sara P Abraham : Sara is a final year BS-MS student in the School of Biology at IISER-TVM. Sara completed her schooling from Holy Family CGHS and Sacred Heart CGHSS, Thrissur before joining BS-MS Dual Degree program at IISER Thiruvananthapuram. She is a recipient of DST-INSPIRE fellowship. During the BS-MS program, she has worked as an intern under Dr. S. Asha Nair (RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram), Dr. Ramanathan Natesh (IISER TVM) and Dr. Sandeep M Eswarappa (IISc, Bangalore). She joined the lab for her major project. She is studying integrin signaling in spleen hematopoiesis. She loves to read and travel. She won’t miss any chance to explore new places.

3. Namitha Thampi : Namitha is a final year BS-MS student in the school of biology of IISER-Tvm. She opted biology as her major subject and chemistry as minor. She was a summer intern at RGCB (with Dr. Suparna Sengupta), IISER (with Dr. Ramanathan Natesh) and NISER (with Dr. Abdur Rahaman). She worked in cancer biology, molecular structural biology and cell biology during her internships. Her current work in the lab involves characterisation of periostin expression in fetal liver HSC niche. She loves travelling and exploring different places in India.

4. Prathibha Babu C : Pratibha is final year BS-MS student at IISER TVM and has joined the lab for her major project. She did her schooling from Bhavan’s Newsprint Vidyalaya, Kottayam, from where she developed fondness for biology and decided to pursue it. She chose Biology and Chemistry as major and minor subjects, respectively. Prior to joining the lab, she worked as an intern under Dr. Ullasa Kodandaramaiah at IISER TVM.  She is studying metabolic properties of fetal hematopoietic stem cells and is interested in developing deeper insights into the transition of HSCs from fetal liver to adult BM. She likes reading, writing, drawing and listening to music.

Minor project students

Krishna Hari

Maria S

Ananthakrishnan A

BS-MS project students (2016-17)

Major project students

1. Saeed Abdurahiman:

2. Anjoom M. Ali:

Minor project students

Vasanth 2017

  • Abu Alex Aravindnath; Physics major
  • Sreya MP; Chemistry major
  • Jincy K. Vinod, Chemistry major
  • Aswathi P; Chemistry major

Vasanth 2016

  • DS Praveen Roy; Chemistry major
  • Hanna Ameena; Chemistry major
  • Nayva Nagananda; Physics major


Summer students

Summer 2018

  • Tharunya; Batch 15
  • Aishwarya S, Batch 17 IPHD
  • Atre Malhar; Batch 17 IPHD
  • Allen Maria; Batch 17 IPHD
  • Sohela Sarkar, Batch 17 IPHD
  • Jeetnet Baar, Batch 17 IPHD
  • Aishi Dasgupta, SVP fellow
  • Sujith MS, Prathibha Scholar, KSCSTE

Summer 2017

  • Ankit Pradhan; Batch 16
  • Anusha Bhatt, Batch 16
  • Devila Pritt; Batch 16
  • Sruthi M S; Batch 14
  • Rashmiparvathi K; Batch 14
  • Hari Shankar S; Batch 14
  • Asmita Mukherjee, University of Pondicherry

Summer 2016

  • Rahul A B; Batch 13
  • Nidhin Surendran; Batch 14
  • Sruthi M S; Batch 14
  • Muhsin Vannan Chalil; Batch 15
  • Sneha Santhosh; Batch 15
  • Zayana Ali; Batch 15