Conferences attended and work presented

Sanil Unnikrishnan, Inflation using scalar elds with non-canonical kinetic terms, 30th meeting of the Astronomical Society of India, 2013 at Trivandrum.
2   Sanil Unnikrishnan, The fall and rise of Power law Inflation, FTAG-2013 Meeting, IIT Gandhinagar, September 5-8, 2013.
3   Sanil Unnikrishnan, The status of power law inflation after Planck, Workshop on Astronomy Research: Opportunities and Challenges, MACFAST, Thiruvalla, August 12-14, 2013.
S. Shankaranarayanan,Higher derivative theories in Quantum Phase transitions, 24th Mid-year Meeting of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, July 2013
5 Suman Ghosh, 5D non-symmetric gravity and geodesic con nement. (poster) at 27th meeting of Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation, H M B University, Garwal, India, March 7-9, 2013.
Rakesh Tibrewala, Three-point scalar-tensor cross correlations and tensor bi-spectrum in inflationary models with deviations from slow-roll at ASI 2013 meeting, Trivandrum, Feb. 20-22, 2013.
Sanil Unnikrishnan, Inflation driven by inverse power law potential, Mini workshop on cosmology, 9-10 November 2012, Asia Paci c centre for theoretical physics (APCTP), Pohang, South Korea.
8 Sanil Unnikrishnan, Non-canonical scalars and their role in cosmology, Seminar given at Asia Paci c Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, South Korea on 13th November 2012.
Sanil Unnikrishnan, Inflation using non-canonical scalars, Paricle Physics and Cosmology (PPC 2012), at KIAS, Seoul, South Korea, 5 to 9 November-2012.
10  Sanil Unnikrishnan, Improving inflation using non-canonical scalar field , 5th KIAS workshop on cosmology and structure formation, at KIAS, Seoul, South Korea, 29 October-2012 to 3 November 2012.
11  Rakesh Tibrewala, (Loop) quantum gravity and spacetime structure at IIT Madras, November 2, 2012.
12  Suman Ghosh, Scaling of entanglement in higher derivative theories and quantum phase transition, (talk) at COSGRAV-12, 7-11 February, 2012.
13  Rakesh Tibrewala, Quantum gravity, modi ed spacetime structures and black hole horizons at COSGRAV 2012, Kolkata, February 07-11, 2012.
14  Suman Ghosh, Higher-order eld derivatives and deviations from entropy-area law, (poster) at International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology, ICGC-Goa, 14-19 December, 2011.
15  Rakesh Tibrewala, Modi ed constraint algebra in LQG and spacetime interpretation at ICGC2011, Goa, December 14-19, 2011.
16  S. Shankaranarayanan, Entanglement entropy in all dimensions at ICGC2011, Goa, December 14-19, 2011.
17  Suman Ghosh, Entanglement entropy for quantum black holes, (poster) at International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Physics, ICTAP-2011, 1-2 December, 2011.

Academic Visits

1 J.Skakala, Visited Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam, Germany.June 8-20,2014
2 J.Skakala, Visited IUCAA, Pune (in particular Prof. Padmanabhan).Jan 11-21,2014
3 Rakesh Tibrewala, Visited Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) at Potsdam, Germany, Sept. 04-23, 2013.
Suman Ghosh, Visited Prof. Claus Kiefer (University of Cologne) May 2013
Suman Ghosh, Visited Prof. Jacob Bekenstein (Hebrew University, Israel) May 2013
Suman Ghosh, Visited Prof. Stefan Theisen (AEI, Potsdam), April-May 2013
7 Suman Ghosh, Visited Prof. Gia Dvali (Ludwig Maxmillian University) April 2013
8 Suman Ghosh, Visited Condensed Matter Physics group at ICTP, Italy April 2013
Kinjal Banerjee, Visited Chennai Mathematical Institute (India), March 2013.
10  Sanil Unnikrishnan, Visited Asia Paci c center for theoretical physics (APCTP), Pohang at SouthKorea on 9 to 16 November 2012. (This trip was funded by DST, India.)
11  Rakesh Tibrewala, Visited Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, Oct. 30-Nov. 7, 2012.
12 Sanil Unnikrishnan, Visited IUCAA, Pune for three weeks during August-September 2012
13  S. Shankaranarayanan, Visited Albert Einstein Institute, Postdam, Germany 06/2012.
14  Rakesh Tibrewala, Visited Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, April 29-May 1, 2012.
15  Rakesh Tibrewala, Visited Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, April 23-28, 2012.
16  S. Shankaranarayanan, Visited Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 11/2011.