Group members

IISER-TVM hosts a Max Planck Partner Group on Cosmology and Gravity. For more details about the group and its activities, please go to group page.

Projects guidedTop

  • M. V. Vishal, Undergraduate student, IIT-Bombay 05/2011-07/2011

    Particle production in external electric field backgrounds (paper in preparation)

  • Harish Lingan, KVPY fellow, IISER-TVM 05/2011-07/2011

    A method for computation of target Score in interrupted T20 Cricket Matches

  • Darshan Kakkad, Academy fellow, Delhi University 06/2011-08/2011

    PT-Symmetric quantum mechanics

  • N. Vigneshwar, KVPY fellow, IISER-TVM 05/2010-07/2010

    Restricted three body problem

  • Corrado Appignani, Post-doc, INFN-Bologna 06/2008-07/2009

    (co-supervised) resulting in 2 publications

  • Damien Gredat, Master's student, Universiti Paris-Sud04/2008-08/2008

    resulting in 1 publication
  • Sourav Sur, Post-doc, University of Lethbridge10/2006-02/2008

    (co-supervised) resulting in 3 publications
  • Dawood Kothawala, Ph. D student, IUCAA02/2007-01/2008

    (co-supervised) resulting in 1 publication
  • Sudipta Sarkar, Ph. D student, IUCAA02/2007-10/2007

    (co-supervised) resulting in 1 publication
  • Archisman Ghosh, Master's student, IIT-Kanpur 06/2006-09/2007

    (co-supervised) resulting in 1 publication
  • Morteza Ahmadi, Master's student, University of Lethbridge 01/2005-07/2005

    (co-supervised) resulting in 1 publication

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