Electrical transport at quantizing dimensions is enriched by a number of exotic phenomena: quantum Hall effect, fractional quantum Hall effect, conductance quantization, flux-quantization, Aharanov-Bohm effect, single-electron tunneling, topologically protected states, etc., are a few to mention. 

One important figure-of-merit of any scientific phenomena is its applicability in device technology. The outlook of our lab is to study, tailor, and utilize various quantum transport phenomena for improving our understanding of fundamental problems, pushing the limits, and revolutionizing device technology.


Dr. Prasanta Kumbakhar

Post Doctoral fellow at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Shyam Raj K

Ph.D. at Florida State University, USA


Ph.D. at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

D Sai Abhishikth

Ph.D. at IFW Dresden and TU Dresden, Germany.

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