vW heterostructures

Devices on van der Waals heterostructures

van der Waals (vW) materials offer a clean and uniform platform unlike the conventional 2DEG materials and allows freedom to stack different candidates with varied properties; semiconducting, metallic or insulating. Their inherent 2D nature and substrate independence makes them an interesting candidate for quantum electronic devices. In addition, the high mechanical strength allows coupling of mechanical and electrical properties. 

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Quantum Electrical Amplifiers

Highly sensitive devices are required to sense and detect current and electric field changes in a few electron regime. The non-linear devices such as Quantum point contacts or Single electron turnstiles (SET) are capable of detecting even a single electron change. These devices realized in high mobility 2 dimensional electron systems are electrostatically confined and hence are tunable and controllable using applied voltages. 

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Quantum spin qubits

Spin degree of freedom to store and manipulate information. The spin of the electron trapped double quantum dot system can be used to store quantum bits. The spin qubit quantum computer is one among the systems proposed for quantum computation satisfying the DiVicenzo criteria. 

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