Principal Investigator:

Dr. Madhu Thalakulam

Ph. D. Applied Physics, Rice University

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Doctoral Students:

Prasanta Kumbhakar

Prasanta received his M.Sc. in Physics (Specialization: LASER Physics) from IIT Roorkee and joined IISER Thiruvananthapuram as a doctoral student.
His research interest includes quantum mechanical experiments via electrical measurements, e.g., to read out the qubit states a mesoscopic device must be coupled to the quantum system. It may be a charge sensor based on quantum point contact or signal from a coupled superconducting cavity resonator. High frequency microwave or radio frequency signal amplitude or phase can be used as a probe for the same.

Anusha S

Anusha completed her B.Sc from Government Victoria College, Palakkad, and Post Graduation from Cochin University of Science and Technology. She joined IISER Thiruvananthapuram as a Ph.D. student in August 2018.

Her research interest is in realization of spin qubits in Silicon and fast readout of qubits using RF reflectometry devices such as stub tuner or CPW resonator.

Sreevidya N

Sreevidya received her B.Sc from Vimala College, Thrissur and M.Sc from NIT Calicut. She joined IISER Thiruvananthapuram as a PhD student in 2018.

Her research focuses on phase engineering and mobility engineering on 2D layered systems for better transport.

Annu Anns Sunny

Annu completed her B.Sc in Physics from Assumption College, Changanacherry and M.Sc from Sacred Heart College, Thevera. She joined IISER Thiruvananthapuram as a Ph.D student in August 2019.

Her research interest is on realising spin valley qubits using valley degree of freedom in TMDCs.

Hari Krishnan S

Hari received his B.Sc in Physics from Loyola College, Chennai and joined IISER Thiruvananthapuram as an Integrated PhD student.

His research interests include resistive ESR studies on 2D systems, which involve magnetoresistance measurements of electron spin resonance through microwave antennas.

Project Fellows:

Anoop K

Anoop completed his BS-MS dual degree programme at IISER TVM. His research focus is Electric Double Layer (EDL) gating on 2D materials. EDL gating is known for its ability to induce high carrier concentrations which are otherwise unable to be accessed by conventional methods. Inducing these high carrier concentrations in 2D materials such as MoS2 generates exotic states such as superconductivity, superconductor-insulator transition, topological phase transitions etc. We are looking for possible novel phenomena that may originate from this exciting technique and trying to characterize them experimentally.

Integrated BS-MS Students:

Govind Krishna

Govind is a fifth year BS-MS student whose major project research is gate defined ambipolar quantum dots on bilayer graphene towards realising spin qubits on graphene.

Naipunnya Raj

Naipunnya is pursuing her BS-MS dual degree in Physics and Maths. Her research focuses on investigating properties of metallic surface states in topological insulators. She works on experimental and computational aspects (Quantum espresso) as well.

Parvathy Gireesan

Parvathy is a fifth year BS-MS student doing her major project on transport in carbon nanotube quantum dots, towards studying coulomb
blockade effects.



Doctoral Students

Dr. Chithra H. Sharma

Av Humboldt Fellow

CHyN, Universitat Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Ashby Philip John

Research Interests: Engineering electrical contacts in 2D materials

Major Project Students:

Aparna V

BS-MS, IISER TVM (2019-2020)

Blesson Sam Varghese

University of Basel Switzerland

Manish Kumar Sahoo


Arathi Das M. K.

Major Project Thesis: Growth and Characterisation of vW heterostructures.   
BS MS IISER TVM (2017-18) 

Arya T.

Graduate student, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden
Major Project Thesis:  Strain Engineering Bandgap and Piezoresistivity in Few-layer MoS2.

Sangeeth S. Varma

Major Project Thesis: Automated electrical transport measurements for multi-gated quantum devices.
M.Tech. BITS Pilani, Goa (2017-18) 

Ananthu P. S.

Graduate student, Chalmers, Sweden
Major Project Thesis: Metallic like states on MoS2 using microwave plasma
BS MS IISER TVM (2016-17) 

Alwyn Antony

Graduate Student, Würzburg University, Germany
Major Project Thesis: 
 Patterned growth of Bismuth Selenide  heterostructures for device applications
BS MS IISER TVM (2016-17) 

Neha Goyal

Current Position: 
Major Project Thesis:  
M.Sc. Amity University (2015-16) 

Abin Varghese

Graduate student IITB-Monash
Major Project Thesis: Microwave Plasma assisted layer reduction and patterning of TMDCs for 2D device application
BS MS IISER TVM (2015-16) 

Avirup Roy

Graduate student, UW Madison
Major Project Thesis: Effect of molecular packing on charge transfer and photoconductivity in single crystal organic FETs. 
BS MS IISER TVM (2015-16) 

Prafful Golani

Current Position: 
Major Project Thesis: Electronic transport in 2D layered field effect devices.
M.Tech. BITS Pilani, Goa (2014-15) 

Aswathy Unnikrishnan

Current Position: 
Major Project Thesis: Fabricating devices with MoS2 for FET characterisation  
M.Sc. Calicut University (2015-16) 

Irshad A

Current Position: 
Major Project Thesis: Co-planar wave-guide impedance transformer and resonator for nanodevices

Amandeep Singh Bhuppal

Graduate Student, Würzburg University, Germany
Major Project Thesis: Tunneling of fractional quantum hall quasi particles in Quantum point contacts.
BS MS IISER TVM (2013-14)  

Chithra H. Sharma

AvH Fellow, Universitat Hamburg, Germany
Major Project Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of exfoliated Bi2Se3 and MoS2 devices to study the topological insulating behaviour
BS MS IISER TVM (2013-14)  

Short-term Project Students

Shiju Prasad

M. Sc. Photonics, CUSAT

Lakshmi Priya A


Anuroop E P


Joyal Babu

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2017)  

Arun Joshy

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2017)  

Sebastian Francis

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2017)  

Ujjwala Sinha

BS MS IISER TVM Minor (2017)  

Bobby C. Joseph 

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2013-14)  

Gautam Mitra

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2015, 2014)  


BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2015, 2014)  

Sreya Suresh

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2015, 2014)  

Janas K. J.

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2014)  

Sumanta Reddy 

BS MS IISER TVM Minor (2014)  

Louis Jose

BS MS IISER TVM Summer (2013)  

Mithun S. Prasad

BS MS IISER Bhopal Summer (2013)  

Sree Ganesh

BS MS IISER TVM Minor (2013)   

Raja Gosh

BS MS IISER TVM Minor (2013)   

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