We are looking for talented researchers interested in working in the field of HSC biology in mouse model. For PhD and integrated PhD, students need to clear IISER TVM qualification exam and interviews but we encourage students to contact and express their interest supplementing the formal selection process. 

Candidates should send email with clear query expressing their interest and vision in the field with a detailed CV attached.

Following projects will be undertaken in the next 5 years period.

  1. Postn-Itgav mediated outside-in integrin signaling in HSC function during development.
  2. Studying spatial arrangement of the HSCs in fetal liver niche and their interaction with Postn expressing sub-populations of the tissue.
  3. How does altered Postn level within the BM regulate cell cycle status, stemness and mobilization of HSCs?
  4. Niche modulation by interrupted Postn-Itgav interaction and its effects on adult hematopoiesis.
  5. Effects of disruption of oxygen sensing mechanism on function of fetal HSCs.

Candidates will be selected in the basis of their experience, track record and scientific aptitude.