PhD and Postdoctoral Positions:

Interested in doing a PhD or Postdoc in  Structural Molecular Biology?
We are constantly looking for motivated students to do PhD in  the NSMB Laboratory. Get in touch with me by e-mail at natesh@iisertvm.ac.in/natesh72@hotmail.com if you want to informally discuss your research plans in our lab.

Current Openings :

Prospective Postdoctoral candidates can write to me (click here) with a CV, list of references 2, publications and a research proposal (preferably 2  pages but maximum 4 pages).  

We have excellent facilities for doing Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Protein crystallography.  For Single Particle cryoEM we go to NCBS/IISc/IIT Delhi :

We have an Art Robins Crystallisation robot for routine crystallisation screening; a Bruker MicroStar – In house Protein Crystallography machine for data collection.

We have  a 120 kV LaB6 TEM in Institute Central Instrumentation Facility for Biology.  This machine  is a wonderful machine for -ve stain single particle data collection but not a cryoEM data collection machine.  For a cryoEM data collection we need a minimum 200 kV FEG TEM machine with a direct detector and other additions (phase plate/energy filters).  To do cryoEM data collection, currently we use other facilities like NCBS Bangalore/IISc Bangalore/IIT Delhi/Diamond UK/ESRF Grenoble cryoEM facilities.

We have good computational facility for crystallography data processing and structure determination and CryoEM image processing and 3D reconstruction.

We are conducting regular cryoEM course

We at IISER TVM conducted ” The 1st Cryo Electron Microscopy and 3D Image Processing of Macromolecular Assemblies and Cellular Tomography (CEM3DIP)”   Click  here  for lecture notes and  lecture videos.

We  conducted the first “EMBO Pracitcal course CEM3DIP 2018” at IIT Delhi with Dr. Manidpa Banerjee  and Dr. Vinothkumar Kutti Raghunath.

EMBO Pracitcal course CEM3DIP 2020″ was conducted by us at IISER Kolkata and CSIR-IICB Kolkata with Dr. Partha P Datta(IISER-Kolkata), Dr. Jayati Sengupta(CSIR-IICB), Dr. Smarajit Polley  (Bose Institute) and Dr. Moumita Dutta (ICMR-NICED).

Collaboration Opportunities:

(for Principal Investigator (PI) or Head of the lab. only).

NSMB Lab is actively looking for collaboration with Biologists, especially cell biologists or physiologist or clinician   who are interested in collaborating with us on molecular basis of Transcription regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosos, DNA damage repair, Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD’s) and related pathophysiologies.  Please contact me (click here) if you are a PI/Lab head and are interested to informally discuss with us about your research goal and our expertise complementarity for doing basic collaborative research, that will lead to considerable novel and new insights of biological functions and ultimately improve human health.