Broad Area of Research:
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Current Research Interests:
Our research involves the synthesis and characterization of new and/or improved strongly correlated materials with potentially novel structural, electronic, magnetic and thermal properties.

These materials include

  • Frustrated/low-dimensional quantum spin systems
  • Heavy Fermion, mixed valent, and Kondo lattice compounds
  • Conventional and unconventional superconductors
  • Metal - organic complexes & molecular magnets
  • Nano-magnets
Various experimental tools are employed to characterize and understand the structure-property relationship in these materials.
Experimental Tools:
  • Synthesis and Crystal Growth
  • Structural Properties: Temperature dependent powder X-ray diffraction
  • Magnetic Properties: AC & DC magnetic susceptibility, High field magnetization using pulse magnetic field
  • Thermal Properties: Transport, Heat Capacity etc
  • Low Temperature Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • IISER Thiruvananthapuram
  • Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India