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  • Publication: Engineering Lattice Oxygen defects and Polaronic transport in Vanadium pentoxide via isovalent phosphorous doping, accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters.
  • Vinayak is serving as guest editor for a Focus on IoT-Enabled Chemical Sensors: Harnessing Physical Means, Overcoming Challenges and Pioneering Future Directions in Journal of Physics Communications.
  • Preprint: Metal Oxide-based Gas Sensor Array for the VOCs Analysis in Complex Mixtures using Machine Learning (link https://arxiv.org/abs/2307.06556)
  • Publication: Realizing Optical Micro-cavity in CuCo2O4-W-CuCo2O4 thin film stack for Spectrally Selective Solar Absorbers, accepted for publication in Advanced Optical Materials.
  • Publication: Frequency dependent Impedance Response Analysis of Nanocrystalline ZnO Chemiresistors, accepted for publication in Nanotechnology.
  • Publication: Suppressed Polaronic Conductivity induced Sensor Response Enhancement in Mo doped V2O5 Nanowires, accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Physics.
  • Publication: Crossover from small polaron tunneling to correlated barrier hopping and its evolution with thermal instability of SnO surface, accepted for publication in Applied Surface Science.
  • We have a JRF position open currently in our SMART LAB for a project funded by SERB. last date to apply: 19th march 2023. Please fill out the following form for the application Google form link.
  • Dr Vinayak Kamble is selected as a member of Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS)!
  • Dr Vinayak Kamble gave an invited talk at the IUMRS-ICA 2022 held at IIT Jodhupur 19th Dec 2022
  • Research grant Approved for “AI Assisted chemical sensors for on demand end-use” by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Core Research Grant.

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