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Journal Publications

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Book chapters

  1. Rohini Bhalerao-Panajkar, A. D. Sheikh and Vinayak Kamble and Sulabha K Kulkarni, Size, shape and structure tuned metal, metal-oxide and hybrid nanomaterials for ultra-sensitive gas sensors. Handbook of Materials Science Editors: R. S. Ningthoujam and A. K. Tyagi 2023 Publisher: Springer Nature. (Just accepted)

Conference Proceedings

  1. Sandesh Surendra Chougule, Gaurav Bolegave, Bhaskar Soni, Vinayak Kamble, Christos N. Markides, An Investigation of the Synthesis and Optical Properties of Novel Ag/ZnO Hybrid Nanofluids for Spectral Splitting in Photovoltaic-Thermal Systems, 36th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (ECOS 2023)
  2. Shivam Tyagi, Shubham Yadav, Vaibhav Wani, Shivam Singh, Soumya Biswas, Krishna Nand Prajapati, Vinayak Kamble*, CVD Growth of Tin Selenide Thin Films for Optoelectronic Applications, IEEE proceedings of The IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP) 2022.
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