Sponsored Projects

  1. “Interface Engineering of Bi-Sb-Ge Tellurite Superlattices using Atomic Layer Deposition”Agency SERB, PI Vinayak Kamble 2022-2025.
  2. Development of AI assisted Versatile Chemical Sensor Array for On-demand End Use. Agency SERB, PI Vinayak Kamble Co-PIs: Joy Mitra, Sheetal Dharmatti and Sadananda Singh. 2022-2025
  3. Testing of food quality sensors for device specification evaluations. (Industrial consultancy project) PI Vinayak Kamble, Co-PI Joy Mitra, Sheetal Dharmatti and Sadananda Singh. 2022-23
  4. Palladium and Magnesium based hybrid nanocluster structures for high gravimetric capacity hydrogen storage, PI Deepshikha Jaiswal, Co-PI Vinayak Kamble, DST – technology mission energy, water and others. 2019-2022
  5. Study of Oxide nanoarchitectures for High Temperature Thermoelectric Power Generations PI Vinayak Kamble Agency SERB 2019-2022
  6. Junction Barrier modulation study in engineered core-shell Oxide heterostructure Gas sensor device PI Vinayak Kamble, Agency DST nano mission. 2018 -2021
  7. Development of Novel metal oxide-graphene based nanocomposite materials for Microsensors and Nanoelectronics device applications. PI Vinayak Kamble, Agency Inspire faculty award 2016-2022.