Visiting visual ecology experts!

We had three eminent visual ecology experts from the Lund University, Sweden (Prof. Dan-Eric Nilsson) and SOKENDAI – The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan (Prof. Michiyo Kinoshita and Prof. Kentaro Arikawa) visiting our lab from February 21st to 27th. The School of Biology hosted a seminar series where they delivered talks covering various topics focussing on animal vision. Michiyo discussed “Innate colour preference of Papilio butterflies” where she focussed on the interaction between vision and olfaction in butterflies. Dan explained the “Evolution of the eyes” where he detailed how and when low-resolution vision evolved in invertebrates and how that formed the basis for the high-resolution animal eyes. Kentaro discussed the “Physiology of butterfly colour vision” where he explained how the anatomy and neurophysiology of the butterfly compound eyes could be correlated with their ability to discriminate different colours.


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